PDX Union Station

I first fell in love with Portland when my sister and I toured the U.S. via Amtrak in 1992. As our train pulled into PDX, our view was filled with sunlit red-brick buildings like Union Station. No skyscrapers to be seen. (There are a couple, but we couldn’t see them from the train.) I knew right then I wanted to come back. And eventually I did — I finally moved to my red-brick town ten years later.

I often think of this shot as “Down by the station early in the morning.” Because that’s when I shot it from the window of the Amtrak Cascades, which leaves my suburban station at 7:30 am and arrives in PDX around 8 am. I used a Topaz Labs filter to simplify the image, emphasizing the colors and structure and giving it a painterly feel.

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