Ripening Berries

My long zoom lens — Nikkor 70-300mm — can focus down to only five feet, which I sometimes find frustrating, as I often want to physically push in closer to my subject. It also can be a bit dangerous, because if the subject is on the edge of a property, my scooter has to be out in the street to be five feet away. (My neighborhood has no sidewalks.) So I decided to try extension tubes that would let me be closer. This picture was shot with a 36mm extension tube, which let me push in to three feet, a perfect distance for me. What I really love is the 3D effect the tube gave me here. I wasn’t expecting that.

I’m sorry to say I have no idea what these berries are. They were on a shrub that had dropped its leaves by early November. I know they are ripening because similar shrubs in the yard had green berries, while others had red berries.

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