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I got a new laptop a couple of weeks ago. My old one just didn’t have enough power to handle Photoshop CC 2018. When it wasn’t taking a full minute to save a file or 20 seconds to show a selection, it was completely crashing and taking my work down with it. I’ve learned my lesson … never again buy the bottom of the line thinking it’s good enough for my needs.

So I did some online research on the best laptops for resource-grabbing Photoshop The top ones were, of course, Apples. I’m still not willing to switch to Apple, so those were out. The highest rated PC was the Dell XPS 15, with tons of RAM and superfast processors.

So I got one. Pricey for an old retired lady, but I hope to pay it off in a few months.

It came with a 64-bit processor and Windows 10. More about that later.

There were also some options. I chose these:

  • The fastest processor (Intel i7 2.80 GHz) — for PS, I figured the faster the better
  • The most RAM (32 Gb) — again, giving PS as much power as possible
  • The smaller hard drive (512 Gb) because that’s what came with 32 Gb RAM — hoping I won’t end up regretting that
  • A touch screen